Re: A student's question

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Cry no more!

Lucky for you, there is a web site that covers this in detail,
including a worked and explained example! /

and in particular, look at the 3 PDF files at

Have fun!


Philip Freidin

Re: A student's question

For University Support:

MIT is hosting a Xilinx users group. This will be an unmediated forum where you
can exchange curriculum and project ideas with your peers around the world as
well as find solutions to problems. To subscribe send email with subscribe in
the subject line to: , once you have subscribed
send subsequent comments etc. to: . By subscribing, you
will get a digest of the email traffic sent to you.

The Xilinx University Program  thanks MIT and specifically Andrew Huang for
hosting this newsgroup.

(From our website as our hotline does not support students),


Chen Bin wrote:

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