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Hi everybody, I am thinking abt how much information can be provided to a quetion posted related to design with emerging hitech FPGA's.I started using this usenet just a few weeks ago,and I find it very interesting to notice people with great experience working in industries or with FPGA manufacuturers replying to the best they could.So I started thinking, how much of an information related to the desing should be given for a question. The less information i give, i likely to get no repliess, and the more i give , i might loose my valuable design , what would be a tradeoff here? So, how do people in industry find a solution to their desing at the very shortest time and make sure the product hits the market, before their competitors make it. regards RaM

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Well, you have to be intelligent about how you conduct yourself. It's one thing to talk about and ask about how to design a UART module, for example, and quite another to discuss complete designs, including proprietary information. You have to assume that your competitors are also on the list. It would be silly not to.

Any non-trivial design is going to be quite complex, with hundreds, if not thousands of lines of code. The context of most USENET questions is the realm of a few lines of code or issues dealing with architechture, approaches to take and some basic digital signal processing theory. Clearly you will not post whole designs here. And, clearly you should not post code fragments that might reveal something that you may not want to have your competitors see.

A common technique is to write a new little chunck of code that shows the problem without the context of the rest of your design being present. For example, you can talk about how to efficiently count 1's in a data stream without telling the world that you are working on data compression.

This is something that we all have to deal with in one way or another. In general, the benefits outweigh the risk, by far. Just be smart.

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