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Hi, I have some questions about XPower.

1)Can we get a time-based "detailed" report using XPower? I would like to know the power consumed by each logic block at different instances of time. Is it possible? (using XPower or otherwise) The -tb switch in XPower only reports the total power consumed by the entire FPGA at different time instances.

2)XPower normally reports the average power consumed by different components of the FPGA over the entire simulation time. Is it possible to get the maximum power, instead of average power.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks, Aman PS: BTW, Is there another place to ask these tool-specific questions? My questions seem to be too Xilinx-specific; please let me know if Xilinx provides any such user group which might be a better place to ask such questions.

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Why do you care to know? Instantaneous power is always supplied by the decoupling capacitors. Most people worry about power because it generates heat and/or discharges the battery. Both of these actions have a long time constant...

Peter Alfke

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Peter Alfke

As you know, time-based simulation file analysis can be performed any time a VCD file is loaded.

(For those not familiar with this XPower feature, the time-based analysis will be performed if the file is being loaded from the command line and the -tb switch is used, or if it is being loaded in the Gui and the "Do Time based Simulation" box is selected. This will read in the VCD file and for every time indication it will record the number of transitions between this and the last and calculate how much power has be generated for that time period.)

However, the time-based analysis also records the highest value, and this will be displayed as "Peak Power" in the Summary view and in the text (and html for Windows) report. It always writes out a text file recording the power for each time period. This file can be read into Excel or other graph making utility to produce a graph of power over time.

Further to your "PS", I think this newsgroup is a good place to ask such questions.

Hope this helps,


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