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Hello, I'm working on a simple hardware design lab -Microblaze.When I start a new project with BSB in Xilinx Platform Studio(XPS)and select target development board I face a problem. The board which I have is Spartan-3 and the lab exercise is based on Spartan-3. But the software(XPS) 6.2i which i have in system does'nt show all the xilinx board names. When i select Xilinx in the board vendor, it shows only 2 names in Board Names(AFX Virtex and Virtex II). I wish to select Spartan-3 which isnt there. how to include Spartan-3? . Is there any alternative way to include spartan-3 board name? please help me Thank you

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The Xilinx Spartan-3 Starter Kit board was released after EDK 6.2. Have you installed EDK 6.2 service pack 2? The service pack should include board support for the Spartan-3 Starter Kit board.

The service pack can be downloaded from:

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Cheers, Shal> Hello, I'm working on a simple hardware design lab -Microblaze.When I

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