Xilinx Platform Studio- I don't get C source code error messages.

Hai Everyone, I'am working on Xilinx Photo Studio. I made some changes to the Master Program C Source Code provided on Xilinx Website for Microblaze on Spartan 3 Starter kit and I get the following error:

make: *** [TestApp/executable.elf] Error 1 Done.

The GCC Compiler doesn't mention in which line the error is or what the error is.

When I checked the same edited program on a different system, the particular error is mentioned along with the line number.

Should I have to re-install XPS or some different C Compiler.

Please help, Thank You in Advance, Naren.

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Come on folks.. I need some help with Xilinx Platform Studio..

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hai naren...unfortunately I cannot help you..but I've had a similar problem....I had to give up..Let me know if u come to know..thanx

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