Problem with EDK 8.2 MicroBlaze Tutorial

I am trying to work through the "EDK 8.2 MicroBlaze Tutorial in Spartin 3"

When I get to the point of "Generate Programming File" to implement the design on page 26, It appears that ISE does not call XPS to generate the EDK to create the directories "hdl, implemtation, & synthesis". I get the following error message; ERROR:HDLParsers:3264 - Can't read file "E:/users/sgwillis/Engineering/xilinx/designs/ edk82_mb_spart3/project_navigator/../hdl/system.vhd": No such file or directory.

I am using the ISE 8.2.03i web pack with the EDK 8.2.02i.

EDK 8.2i and SP2 was installed after ISE 8.2i and SP3 on a Windows XP Pro computer with SP2 and multiple patches.

Any ideas/hints would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. V/R Scott

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Scott Willis
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