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Hi everyone. This i my first post in this forum. I saw it several day ago and i found interesting things to read

Here is my problem

I designed a SLAVE peripheral connected to plb_ipif in a PPC syste for V2Pro. But due to performance issues now i want to add some more function and make it MASTER + the capability of using the DMA controller i the plb_ipif. I am planning to use simple DMA without ScatterGather My design has to transfer data to the memory using the DMA function But .. I read the plb_ipif and DMA/SG spec and i still don't get it. Whic signals of the PLB IPIF user interface I should use? How this thin works in general? .. and so on Who will set up the DMA .. the PPC or my design. And if it is m design how will it know the destination Memmory address that shoul be used to set up the DMA

Any help is appreciated. I have a lot of other questions .. but I hop

I can answer them all by myself Thank you in advance

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Hi Kirilo

Ok, i'm now experiment on the DMA too. The Problem is, i think tha

you know, that this Area is new and thera are not so mutch tutorial on this But that is no problem, because we have this super portal :-), bu what i want to say that what you want to know is too mutch for shor description and than you need a good tutorial What i see, you have general problems to understand the IPIF. saggest you to try at first simple thinks how Interrupt, som registers system and so on becaue the dma is a little bi difficulter. And when you get this, you can try the DMA Until yet i understand DMA so The DMA Register control the IPIF DMA. This register must you setu via software on you programm. The addresses (source and destination must you setup witch registers, too.

When I get a Tutorial i will say to you!


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Hi.. If u r using EDK ..then when u invoke Create/Import Peripheral Wizard..It will give u an option to enable if u go on clicking next..Finally u will have a user_logic.vhd file in the pcores directory with some simple State Machine which can do a DMA for you..Even I am trying this ..but not yet successful..ANd afterwards u need to write a simple C code to enable the DMA and all other stuff....Even the procedure to write the C code is generated in the VHD file as a side note..

Have a good time DMA'ing....

-- Parag Beeraka

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is it possible to have a sequences of bursts in the user logic instea of using the DMA

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