Platform Cable USB on WinXP with SP2

Hi again,

I'm thinking about buying one of Xilinx' Platform USB cables. However, it says in answer record 20429:

"Windows XP SP2 is not an officially supported environment."

I guess that means Xilinx just hasn't tested it in this environment (or at least they hadn't last time the answer record was updated), hence they won't guarantee it will work.

Has anyone successfully used it or encountered any problems?

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Sean Durkin
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The cable will most likely work > Hi again,


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Neil Glenn Jacobson

We just purchased a couple of the Platform USB cables and you should be warned that the with the present firmware the performance is atrocious. It took 30 minutes to download to an XC95144 PLD and I believe the same problems exists for programming serial proms.

Answer Record # 20429

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  1. Why are PROM and CPLD programming operations slower when using Platform Cable USB compared to Parallel Cable IV?

PROM and CPLD programming algorithms typically require a programming pulse for small blocks of configuration data. The proprietary protocol currently being used for Platform Cable USB is optimized for delivery of large blocks of data. The overhead associated with delivery of small data blocks over a half-duplex medium is responsible for the inefficiency. Programming times will be improved in future service packs.

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