PCI-X target chip with simple backend interface....

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After extensive Googling I'm unable to find a PCI-X target chip with a
simple backend interface that would act as cost effective glue logic
between a FPGA (Xilinx) and a PCI-X local bus.

Surely there is a requirement for such a ASSP device in the market
place, given the alternative is to purchase a PCI-X IP target core,
typically costing over $10,000. I'm aware that PLX Technology offer
such a device, but alas only for PCI.

Does anybody know of a vendor?



Re: PCI-X target chip with simple backend interface....
Hi Andy

why do you use invalid hotmail email address (I tried to mail you)?

It is possible that the chip you are looking for doesnt exist - I am
guessing that those who require the full PCI-X performance most likely are
either go ASIC or implement the core in FPGA. I would be very surprised to
find low simple to use PCI-X 533MHz bridge chip. Actually I am sure it
doesnt exist. The problem is that for the 'easy backend' its almost not
possible to be implemented off chip in a way that is universally useable. I
mean an unirsal PCI-X to local bus bridge would not be so much higher
performance than PCI to local bus chip, that is possible the reason why PLX
doesnt have it. And if PLX doesnt have it, it will not have it ever, because
they are much more into PCI express stuff than adding new PCI-X chips I bet.

in short: there is no vendor for what you are asking for and very likely
will never be.


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Re: PCI-X target chip with simple backend interface....
Hi Antii,

Obviously my free hotmail a/c has expired again, sorry about that.

What you say is true, I should have expected to be dissapointed in my
search because it seemed too easy a solution to save the cost of an
PCI-X IP core.


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