PCI PCIX LoGi Core Problem

Hello All,

I am using Xilinx PCI/PCIX Logicore. FPGA is configured with a default bitstream first (either PCI or PCIX) and if the bus is different, after PCI reset in the bus idle time, the FPGA gets configured once again with another bit stream.

  1. Is this a valid design...?

  1. when I keep PCIX as default bitstream and insert the card in PCI system this strategi is working fine. but when I keep PCI as default bit stream and boot in PCIX machine. The card gets detected but it dosent allocate any resources to the card.

can anybody give any clue what may be happening in the second case. Is there any measure difference bet PCI and PCIX machine boot sequence.

Or I am forgetting something. Thanks in advance Regards Kedar

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