PC networking through modems

hi, im in the need to implement the following scenario.

there will be several PC's with each having a modem and a telephone connection. No PC has the internet access. All PC's should have the ability to connect to any other PC by just dialing the corresponding telephone number. After connected, they need to communicate using the TCP/IP protocol. ( i.e i need to use Sockets in the communication.). PC's will have Windows Me/98 as the O/s.

(this is similar to what happens with hyperterminal, but i think the difference is the protocol used in the communication.)

Is this scenario possible? Please give me a starting point.

Thnak You. CMOS

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While this is not the right group to ask, I guess I can give you a starting point. Possible it is - I am doing it routinely even on a single system, having two completely independent tcp/ip subsystems engaged in a ppp connection, the one of the two asking for IP address and the other supplying it. However, this is done under DPS (which I have written) and was used while I tested my tcp/ip implementaton. Whether you can make the MS system behave like an ISP responding point when called I don't know (I am not familiar with windows etc. stuff). Hope this helps a litle.


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