Interfacing Spartan-3 to PC


I have the Xilinx spartan-3 development kit and I am tying to connect it to PC troughs Ethernet connection. On the board there is a physical layer transceiver (DP83847). My data is stored in a FIFO memory inside of the FPGA. I would like to transmit it to the PC. Can someone suggest me how can I do that?

I understood that I have to implement IP core on the FPGA and what else...?

Thanks Vera

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The "what else" is a lot.

You need to implement the IP on the FPGA, then you need to talk to it with a processor and software or with some sort of a state machine. You have to implement a protocol stack for whatever protocol you're going to use. Something like TCP/IP is very well known, you may be able to get a stack for the processor on the board, and your PC will support it (or the things you want to put 'on top' of it). You could choose a port and write raw Ethernet packets, which takes a lot less software on the Xilinx side, but would probably require getting into the guts of some low-level Windows API (Windows programming -- ugh).

There's lots of work there.

I would start by seeing if Xilinx has a canned sample design, and attempt to springboard off of that.

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