ISE, JTAG and ChipScopePro.

Hallo to everybody, I bought a "Spartan 3 Starter Kit" and to program the board there's a JTAG cable.

I've two questions: Can I use the same cable to do In Circuit Debugging with JTAG System? Do I need some software not bundled with Xilinx ISE to do it?

Thanks, Massimo.

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Massimo Gaggero
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you can use ChipScopePro with the JTAG cable. ChipScopePro is a separate product - free evaluation is available from Xilinx

Antti, E-Bokk: "DIY FPGA Logic Analyzer"

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Antti Lukats

Finally a credible answer. Thanks

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I dont think you require anything else. For in circuit debugging.. all you need is..

1) JTAG cable 2)ChipScope Pro 3)Impact for programming (which comes with ISE only) YOu need to have debuger like 'paradigm' through which you can do the software verification of your IP. ChipScope is good enough to monitor In-FPGA signals but puts a limitation on memory requirement.
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Chipscope will program as well, no need for Impact.

Cheers, Martin

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Martin Thompson

Thus, if I want to inspect the internal of the FPGA I must use ChipScopePro with its load? Is there any other way to get informations about the flip-flops's status and other JTAG-ed components of the FPGA by the JTAG?

Bye, Massimo.

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