Opb Spi Controller Trouble

Hallo, I have added opb_spi 1.00.d to my design. It is a microcontroller based on powerpc.

I have connected the ports: sck, miso, mosi, ss as external ports. The controller is a master. The external peripheral, a DAC, is the slave.

I have connected spisel to net_vcc and freeze to net_gnd. I have also tried leaving them not connected.

From the output pins of the fpga I don't see the SPI Clock signal.

I have configured the peripheral as: Fifo: True clock Ratio: 128 spi_slave_only: 0 offchip_ss_bits: 0 ss_bits: 1 dev_block_id: 4 dev_mir_enable: 0 interrupt_present: 0 ip_reg_bar_offset: 0x00000060

Has someone had the same trouble?

Many Thanks Marco

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Marco T.
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