NAND flash interface?

Hello there,

Has anyone implemented a NAND interface in a PLD? I don't mean a 'smart' NAND controller, just an interface that lets you toggle ALE, CLE, CE externally and do read/write accesses to the NAND ports.

Thanks, Guillermo Rodriguez

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Hi Guillermo,

Take a look at Xilinx Application Note, XAPP354 located at:

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Mark Ng

I'm not sure what you are looking for. If you control the ALE, etc, then you are talking directly to the NAND part and don't need a controller. Or are you asking how to generate ALE, CLE and the other inputs that are not typical MCU controls? The timing for these control inputs are the same as for what would be the address inputs on a NOR flash part. So I just tie them to address lines. The MCU then writes a command word by writing to an address that raises CLE and lowers ALE. It writes the address register by writing the data address to the address that lowers the CLE signal and raises the ALE signal.

I don't think you need a PLD for this unless you use it to decode the address to generate the CE signal.

Rick "rickman" Collins
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