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Does anyone have experience with modular design flow or PlanAhead? Could you answer my questions related to it:

1) I know that all IO ports in modular design flow have to be placed on the top level. But does it mean that all FFs/tri-state buffers I want to have in IOBs have to be inferred on the top level as well or these logic can stay locally in modules?

2) Do I understand it correctly that PlanAhead is just graphical interface to modular design and partial reconfiguration functionality (plus some other features)?

3) Do you know if evaluation version of PlanAhead is fully functional?

4) Is this modular design or PlanAhead really useful and not one of toy tools?

I would appreciate sharing your experience,

Regards Wojtek

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Hi Wojtek -

Modular design is not supported in the latest version of PlanAhead. PlanAhead does support Partial Reconfigurability flows. You would need to contact your local FAE to get access to PlanAhead's support for Partial Reconfig.

PlanAhead supports block based design by managing placement constraints on "Pblocks". You can try an eval version at

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The eval is a fully featured version of PlanAhead that is licensed for one month.

There is an FAQ in the "PlanAhead User Forum" link off of the

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Thanks Salil

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Salil Raje

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