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Is anybody out there actually using ModelSim Designer? We have a single license as well as 2 PE licenses. Today I couldn't get a PE license so I had to use designer. It was the biggest pain in the ass.

First problem was that it couldn't import my PE 6.1d project file (other than being slow and clunky). When I finally got all my files added to the project and tried to compile the top level, it would crash. I had to go to each level in the heirarchy and compile manually (couldn't find any sort of compile all). I tried to load my simulation and it complained about some constants declared in a package. I check the package and its fine. I try to recompile it. Designer doesn't compile it because it thinks its up to date even though I explicitly told it to compile. I fought with the tool for a couple hours and gave up.

My problems are probably just issues of not knowing how to use the tool. My project may have been more portable if I was using TCL scripts to compile everything. Oh well. I like to click "Compile Out of Date" in PE.

So is anyone using Designer and liking it? I hate it. I told my boss he can have my PE key when he pries it from my cold dead fingers. He seems to think that Mentor is going to be dropping PE and Designer is its replacement. Anyone know anything about that?


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