Modelsim crash (code 211) when using library

I am using a library prepared for testbenching a future core by a core vendor. In some simulations, the library works fine, but in others it causes Modelsim to crash during a vsim. When it crashes, it gives a code of

211 which is a segmentation fault. The crash is total - Modelsim exits immediately, printing a stack trace to its stderr, but nothing to its main console.

I believe the crashes may have something to do with how large the simulation is - simulation in a small design doesn't crash, but in a large design it crashes. Strangely enough, in one case the determining factor was how I vmap'd a library - if I had the complete absolute library path, it would crash, but if I gave it a relative path, it ran. I was later able to get this same testbench running with an absolute library path after eliminating two libraries I realized weren't being used (which is in part why I believe that design size is a factor).

Modelsim support wasn't much help (as usual). Any suggestions for things that I might try? Will upgrading the PC (more memory) help the situation? Are there Modelsim settings that would help? I can also request that the core vendor recompile the core with certain options if that is advisable (although they will want to use the nodebug option to protect their IP).

Thanks, Doug

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Doug Miller
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Make sure you are using exactly the same revision of modelsim and OS to use the library that the vendor is using to compile it.

If this is a commercial application consider buying source code (maybe from another vendor) or writing your own. The inability to view, edit and trace code may hamper development and maintenance of your fpga image.

More memory might speed up a working sim, but it is unlikely to fix a crashing one. The crash is most likely due to a bug in the model. It could be a windows or modelsim bug.

Send all your files and a crash recipe to the core vendor. If the vendor needs your business he will make it work for you.

-- Mike Treseler

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Mike Treseler

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