Please help me!!!!! ModelSim question...

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I am a newbie trying to perform a simulation with ModelSim...
I did a (very small) project with the Xilinx downloadable webpack - and as i
wanted to simulate it with modelsim, modelsim closed after the following

#vsim -lib work -t 1ps -L xilinxcorelib testbench

the transcript file shows the following:

# Reading D:/Programme/Modeltech_5.5d/win32/../tcl/vsim/pref.tcl

my modelsim version is 5.5d - but i also tried 5.5e. Didn't work!
They always crash after the same line.
I already tried to reinstall everything - no change. I don't know what to do
anymore...please help me!!!!


Re: Please help me!!!!! ModelSim question...
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Take a look to the file "transcript" in
before crashing some messages should have been written in it by the
program, clarifying the cause of the crash.

Hope this helps,

G. Giachella

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