Low cost PCI FPGA cards for reconfigurable computing

What are the recomendations for low end PCI FPGA cards with at least

15,000 LUTs?
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enterpoint raggedstaone-1 can be ordered with spartan3-2000, I guess that would be the lowset cost solution


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Antti Lukats

I will clarify what Antti has said and that our standard Raggedstone1 (RS1-400) comes with a XC3S400. We can offer special versions to volume or strategic customers with XC3S1000, XC3S1500 and XC3S2000 but these will not be off the shelf and may be subject to extra costs and leadtimes depending on the circumstances.

Your requirement for 15,000 luts approximates to a XC3S1000 Spartan-3. Our MINI-CAN product has this part as standard and is in stock. Cost is £100 (US$180) and is a very competive product against other vendor offerings. We can also offer our high feature Broaddown2 with XC3S1000, or XC3S1500, as standard. The BD2-1000 is on offer currently at £190 (US$ 340) and is in stock. If you are a student of a academic institution we offer discounts under our University Access Program(UAP).

Depending on your application another option we can offer is our OVERCOAT feature. This is where an array is built-up from a number of of our boards. This is a semi-custom option where we change some of the headers to fit to the back of our boards allowing an array sandwich to be made up.

Details of our products are available on our website but will not ship until after 4th January when the main office reopens after the holiday break.

John Adair Enterpoint Ltd. - Home of Broaddown2. The Ultimate Spartan3 Development Board.

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John Adair

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