low-cost embedded CPU with PCI ??

Anyone have suggestions for a very low-cost low-power embedded CPU with PCI ??

[Need PCI for miniPCI WLAN ...]

(The lowest I've seen are the IDT MIPS processors at around $10 .. but these are not suited for handheld devices)

Thanks, Stuart

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Stuart J Adams
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You might try the Analog Devices Blackfin -- they have a PCI version.

If it was power consumption -- is _anything_ that hangs off of a PCI bus going to be suitable?

Tim Wescott
Wescott Design Services
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Tim Wescott

Quite low-cost, but I'm not sure how you'll view the power consumption: Micrel KS8695P $19.69 for up to 3 external PCI masters, or KS8695PX $17.06 for only 1 external PCI master

As far as I can tell, the PX is the same part with a few less pins bonded out.

The documentation gives maximum power consumption with all five Ethernet PHYs active. It should be much lower with only one (or none) active, but they don't give the numbers.

I've been having trouble getting any distributor to take my order for an eval board.

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Eric Smith

If power consumption and WLAN are the only questions, I suspect miniPCI is the wrong answer. I'd suggest either using a CompactFlash (PCMCIA, but not CardBus) WLAN, or USB.

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Your cost and power requirements are not very specific. For PCI support you might want to look at SH4 based microntrollers from STmicro (ST40) or Renesas (SH7751). If I recall correctly, power consumption is around

1W for parts clocked at 166 MHz.

-- Norbert

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Norbert Juffa

Compact Flash is an alternative you should consider. You are linked to the technical progress of the PDA handheld world and you are flexible with the kind of devices you operate ( Compact Flash Memory , WLAN , GPRS ) ...



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