Linux (not uClinux) on Microblaze 7.0 w/MMU?

Now that Xilinx has released Microblaze 7.0 with an optional MMU (in EDK 9.2), has anyone started working on a Linux port?

There's already a uClinux port to Microblaze with no MMU, but for some applications it would be nice to run "normal" Linux.

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Eric Smith
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I've heard word that some distro's may be working on supporting it, but no specifics. It shouldn't be too difficult to take the non-MMU version and add MMU capability.

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Lynuxworks already claims to have a (MMU) linux-port to Microblaze.

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Appnote ug258 is a precompiled demo of Bluecat Linux (Microblaze edition), for the Spartan3E Embedded Processing Kit (SP3E1600E.) I tried it out, but since I couldn't really build/compile/test my own applications on the embedded platform, it wasn't all that useful. (Basically, from a user perspective, looking through the RS232 port and ethernet-jack, it looks just like the prelodaed-uclinux demo.)

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