uClinux on x86 disabled MMU

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How would I go about getting uClinux on a 486 with a disabled MMU?

It does not really have to be uClinux, but I need MMU disabled so memory
is alligned properly in my aggregate data structures. I am using the 486
to develop for the uCsimm Arcturus board which runs a Motorola
Dragonball CPU (16 bit) without MMU.
Thank you

Re: uClinux on x86 disabled MMU
Hi Petrov,
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Unfortunately this isn't a trivial process.
You will need to change the start-up assembler code (for your specific arch) to
enabled and set-up the MMU, and then also undef CONFIG_MMU in linux 2.6 (linux
has various different non/MMU config options depending on your arch).
In addition to that, you will need to go through the arch specific includes/asm
change things like trap support to not use the MMU.


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