license issue on synplify pro AE

hy everyone,

we have a floating license for Libero IDE which has an ACTEL_SUMMIT feature that to my understanding should support the whole project flow, including license for ModelSim AE and Synplify Pro AE (Actel Edition).

I've correctly set up my LM_LICENSE_FILE env. variable and I'm able to get the license to run the Libero IDE (that I do not need much...). But when I try to run the synthesis tool I get an error message:

License for feature synplifypro is not available.

Unable to obtain license host ID.

Now I'm stuck! I've followed the troubleshooting guidelines from Microsemi and I've searched the net for the entire afternoon...

My lmutil provides the following information:

debian@debian:libero_v9.1$ lmutil lmstat -c $LM_LICENSE_FILE lmutil - Copyright (c) 1989-2010 Flexera Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Flexible License Manager status on Wed 3/19/2014 17:12

License server status: 1702@servicesserver License file(s) on servicesserver: D:\FlexLM\licenses\License_designer_floating_v9.dat:

servicesserver: license server UP (MASTER) v11.9

Vendor daemon status (on servicesserver):

actlmgrd: UP v11.4

At a certain point I tried to change the -licensetype variable for synplify_pro (from command line), but no success with the following: synplifypro_actel, synplifypro_acteloem

There's still an item I haven't checked that just came to my mind, a firewall issue. AFAIK the flexlm handles the various vendor daemons and provide the client with a dynamic port on which to talk. If for some reason my pc cannot talk/listen (I'm not sure which) on that port then it would not work.

I may ask my sysadmin what is the flexlm configuration on the server side, even though I'm not sure she's going to be happy to provide that info! :-/

Any additional ideas?


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I don't think so, Mentor and Synplify have their own features and daemons.

I have these increments in my Microsemi license:

INCREMENT synplifydsp_actel snpslmd INCREMENT synplifydspsl snpslmd INCREMENT synplifypro_actel snpslmd INCREMENT actelmsimvlog mgcld INCREMENT actelmsimvhdl mgcld

Regards, Hans.

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My own startup script for Libero on Debian includes the following:

----------------------------------------------------------------- HOSTNAME=myhostname LICENSE_PATH=/home/brian/Projects/SteepestAscent/Actel/Licensing LICENSE_NAME=License2013.dat


# Setup licensefile path so that Modelsim can find the correct licenses export LM_LICENSE_FILE=$LICENSE_PATH/$LICENSE_NAME

# Synplify needs port@hostname to find its license export SNPSLMD_LICENSE_FILE=1702@$HOSTNAME


a SNPSLMD_LICENSE_FILE env variable may help?

- Brian

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Brian Drummond

If I lmstat the license server I get only actlmgrd. As you say I should have the other daemons running as well to provide the related features, while that's not the case.

I think at this point my only conclusion is that we have Libero SA (stand-alone) license which *do not include* neither synplify_pro nor modelsim. Those third-party tools are indeed available through the gold license though.

It is not yet clear to me if the gold/platinum difference w.r.t. third-party tools makes some difference in terms of available features.


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Hi Brian, Brian Drummond wrote: []


that's nice to see somebody else there sailing on unchartered waters with success! Same setup here, I'm only unhappy that openmotif is still in non-free archives which is a bit unfair being a full fledged LGPL package.

Thanks for the hint, I keep the env. variables in my .bashrc but it is pretty similar to what you write. I think the main problem lies on our floating license being a Libero SA only (see my previous reply in this thread). By the way, SNPLSMD_LICENSE_FILE is optional, you should be able to live without it.


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