Problem with Synplify 7.7.1, startup block vs clock input


I have a design (Verilog) and using a STARTUP_SPARTAN3 instance. O

the instance, I send the clock signal and reset signal. The cloc and reset signals are comming directly from the top-level clock an reset pins

That is, I have code looking like

module counter_7seg(reset, clk, segLow, segHigh); //Top-leve modul input reset input clk output [6:0] segHigh, segLow





When I synthesize, with Synplify 7.7.1, and I verify the technolog schematic, it get synthesize a


IBU reset------|>--------------- IBUFG BUFG +----+ +----+ clk ----|-|>-|--+--|-|>-|------... (global cloc network +----+ | +----+ | | STARTUP_SPARTAN | | +---------------- | +-|GSR | | +-------------|CLK | 0-|GTS +---------------- [/code:1:7e7d529f83

As you can see, local routing is used from the clock pin to th

startup module, while the rest of the design use global cloc networ

I do the same thing with XST (in ISE 7.1i), and it route using globa

clock line as input of the startup block

I tried many ways and can not come to correct result in Synplify


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I tried with Synplify 8.10, and it does work correctly

So, this is probably a limitation (or bug, call it what you want!

with 7.7.1


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