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Does anyone know when the Evaluation version of 8.1 is going to be available
to buy?



Re: ISE 8.1Evaluation
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there is no eval to buy!

the 8.1 webpack links are now online, but pointing to dev0
I bet as soon as Xilinx webmaster wakes up it will be fixed...

Antti Lukats

Re: ISE 8.1Evaluation
An Evaluation version would cost me approx. USD20 in shipping. I was
wondering when the Evaluation version would be there to obtain.


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Re: ISE 8.1Evaluation
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well, then be precise with wording

eval version does not have a 'buy' price,
shipping costs do apply, but it doesnt make the eval as 'purchaseable

order webpack 8.1 links are there, and I assume you should be able to
obtain the webpack from online download very soon, it should actually
provide evaluation of almost all the featueres of the full ISE so try that
first in case the 8.1 eval CD order is not available yet

Antti Lukats

Re: ISE 8.1Evaluation
Requires money = Buy

I don't want the webpack version as if I do decide to go for the tools, the
projects will be for the larger devices not supported by Webpack. I want to
be able to target the larger devices with my code now and run some

I hope this is precise enough.


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Re: ISE 8.1Evaluation
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not exactly

has price tag = can be purchased (eg can buy)
has no price tag = can not buy, even if you have to pay to get it, and if
you pay for the shipping then it doesnt mean you paid for the product -
because if you paid for the products you must obtain some rights to the
product, if you only paid for shipping then you dont get any rights and no
warranty no return, etc..

also for example if you buy 1 PLD device from from Xilinx online shop, and
take the ISE eval CD as side order then its free right?

you paid for the PLD device and for the shipping for the PLD device and you
get in the same shipping the eval CD as well, wihtout paying a dime for it,
of course, it would be better if free means free as no payment for product
and no payment for shipping, but well the free CDs from Xilinx are not so
free anymore as shipping charges apply.

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yes it is precise enough, if you need big parts testing then you sure need
the full eval not webpack

too my very surprise there was just a message on german forum

about ISE 8.1 FULL being on emule as free download !??

PS I dont even know what that emule is, really.
There was some mule character in some Asimov's book but I dont think this is

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