Is it possible to make bit files generated by Xilinx ISE readable?

I thought the bit files generated by Xilinx ISE should be in plain binary format, but actually the .bit file is unreadable when opened in XEmacs, just wondering whether it is possible to make these bit files readable? Many thanks, -Wei

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Wei Wang
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You can generate .rbt files that are ASCII ones and zeros, .mcs files that are formatted for programmers... take a look at the options in bitgen.

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Which exactly means that it is a plain binary file :)


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Also you can run hexl-mode in Emacs to display binary file in hex mode. Or you can use just any hex-viewer/editor for this purpose.

Cheers, Jim

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Jim Wu

Xilinx used to have either BIT files or RBT files.

The BIT files use all bits of each byte, the RBT files are an ASCII image, with each byte being an ASCII 0 or 1 character, and so are eight times larger.

It is pretty easy to write a C program to convert between them.

-- glen

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glen herrmannsfeldt

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