Interruptions in MicroBlaze

Hi all,

I'm designing a IP core to work together with MicroBlaze.

I have attached as a OPB Slave and it works fine.

Now I want to add an interruption port so that it can provoke an interruption to MicroBlaze through the Interruption Controller provided by Xilinx.

But, I am having some trouble when generating the libraries. Libgen gives the next error:

ERROR:MDT - xget_value 16070968 27595288 NAME : A NULL handle was provided ERROR:MDT - expected integer but got "16070968 27595288"

I've been looking at the Lab2 design from Xilinx because it incorporates a timer that interrupts the up. In the MSS file of the timer is defined the interruption handler with the next sentences:

PARAMETER int_handler = timer_int_handler, int_port = Interrupt

How do I define this for my IP core? Do I have to create a driver?

Thanks in advance,


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