information about Nuhorizon Spartan-3 Development Board ?


Could someone give me information about the Nuhorizon Spartan-3 Development Board? It seems to be a good one based upon the Spartan-3 400 thousand gate FPGA (XC3S400-4PQ208C). Could someone confirme me I can use it with the ISE Webpack 6? A contact in NuHorizon told me I need full software, but I don't understand.

Any other comment or suggestion?



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Yes you can. The current webpack supports up to XC3S4000 However, the next one (7.x) will only support up to XC3S1500 but that's still enough for the XC3S400 ...

Of course, it's possibkle that sample bitstream/sources provided with the kit need the full version to be rebuilt. For e.g. if you have a microblaze demo, you need the EDK to rebuild it ...


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Sylvain Munaut

Webpack 6.2 supports up XC3S400. I believe the Webpack 6.3 installed direct from the web supports up to XC3S1500.

John Adair Enterpoint Ltd. - Home of Broaddown2. The Ultimate Spartan3 Development Board.

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John Adair

We have had an extremely negative experience dealing with Nu Horizons. They "take" orders, then don't deliver. After very persistent calling they deliver partials, some of which are defective.

Don't deal with them-they are VERY UNRELIABLE!!!

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Tom Seim

I thought, I would be the only one ...

Ordered this board, because it was in stock with overnight shipping, after few days checked again, NO STOCK, NOT AVAILABLE, please call ...

Tried to reach anybody at the web-order number, for more than 3 weeks (at least twice a week), they don't return phone calls. After three weeks, I canceled my order via phone. Few minutes later I got a guy on the phone from NuHorizon saying, they got a board in (1?), and could ship it immediately. But at this time, I really had enough ...

Looking at mail from other people and their expierence with that board, I guess, I'm pretty happy without ;-)

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I prefer to purchase through NuHorizons because our sales person takes good care of us by getting us samples quickly with the least amount of hassle. He has introduced us to great devices like the smsc 91c111 ethernet chip, ST line of small CPU's and Micrel's single chip MICRF505 radio transceiver, all of which are doing well for us.

Because of NuHorizons good support when I decided to divest into FPGA the Xilinx line was a obvious choice and I purchased one NuHorizons HW-AFX-SP3-400-DB board and one Xilinx Spartan 3 Starter kit, both of which were in stock, delivered very quickly and worked out of the box. Both of the kits are relatively easy to use even though the Xilinx kit came with printed documentation.

The world is changing and customer service is not what it used to be and people who work at companies act like they would rather be somewhere else but still get paid for it. NuHorizons has treated my company and I well for over two years and I prefer to work with them given my options.

The NuHorizons Xilinx 3 evkit is a valuable and interesting design resource at a unbeatable price. That is my experience.

Richard Newman PST Precision Design Allentown PA USA

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Richard Newman

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