I Need to Generate a NTSC Signal - Help!

I need info on how to generate a NTSC signal using VHDL (or verilog) and a fpga.

I have been frantically looking all over the Internet but can't find a single example. I am familiar with VHDL but not with NTSC at all.

Are there any good internet resources out there on NTSC or good books you can recommend that don't require a PhD?

Any cores or examples in VHDL (or verilog) floating around out there?

Any tips at all?

Thanks so much!

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Shanon Fernald
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Recommendation ITU-R BT.470-6, Conventional Television Systems

formatting link
(You can download this for free once you've registered.)

You'll probably need a 14.31818 MHz clock (4 x the subcarrier frequency). You'll also need a DAC, but this may be as simple as a few resistors if you don't need a good picture quality.

Regards, Allan.

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Allan Herriman

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