FPGA basic devtool options and prices?

I know this is a complex issue and that tool providers won't talk loud about it, but Im trying to find effective tools (and their cost) without having to call the providers and having them constantly knock on my door to apply pressure on the selection process.

I know of the standard Xilinx/Altera tools, and a few others, but I have no overview, especially not when it comes to prices (once and recurring). I guess the prices will be relative high because of the low volumes of this kind of sw, so Im not scared about that if it can speed up development.

I do NOT like cost reducing limitations in tools so they are not really an alternative. I am however interested in different programming languages, even non-traditional. I will be using FPGA's only.. No ASIC..

Any opinions anyone? Thanks

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Morten Leikvoll
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Xilinx has webpack, free, available for MS and Linux systems, 32-bit only (due to export restrictions). It will not handle the very largest FPGAs, but those cost several thousand $ anyway.

I am somewhat confused by your question, so I may not have added anything.


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Jon Elson

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