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Hi all, I have two questions regarding the OPB usage.

1) why is it the microblaze connects to the IOPB port to the OPB bus when running from internal memory (BRAM) ? the program runs only from the ILMB isn't it? 2) PLB-OPB bridge , the PPC405 reference guide says that the PLB should be used for fast bus transactions and that the OPB is to be used for slower peripherals (GPIOs/UART etc.). My question is as follows - If I'm using a PLB-OPB bridge the data from/to the OPB will still go trough the PLB bus so how come it is says

the the OPB usage takes some load of the PLB bus ? Thanks, Mordehay.

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I have written demos where microblaze accesses the ILMB without IOPB. Where did you see this listed? Also, I have a demo with IOB without ILMB. MB just needs to have memory at start address 0x0 either on IOPB or ILMB. The ILMB is just faster since only 1 master is allowed thus no bus arbitration therefore preferred.

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