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Hallo to al


With help of EDK6.3i CreatWizard and IPIF a have make a ReadFIFO,

depth and 32Bit lenght. In Vhdl Code I implement a routine: When
push a Button then the Fifo get 4 Data f.e. 0x2,0x4,0x8,0xA
At another Site a want read Data from Fifo with my ppc405. I loa
Programm that do somethink and i absorve my memory
When I push the Button my fifo get this data 0x2,0x4,0x8,0xA and th
Status register get 0x00000003, its all ok! But when i go 1 Step wit
the Debuger further the Statusregister get 0 and the Data from my Fif
disappear :-

What is there a problem


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