dumb question CPLD or FPGA

What's the difference between say the Xilinx Coolrunner CPLD and the Xilinx 4000 FPGA series.

I noticed the coolrunner dev kit for $50 USD

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The Coolrunner is a current product and the 4000 series devices are obsolete. 8-)


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The Coolrunner is a CPLD, and the 4000 was a FPGA: totally different architectures. Both are programmable logic devices, however. In general, the largest CPLD is still much smaller than the smallest FPGA in the capacity to do something (gates, flops, etc). CPLDs like Coolrunner have extremely low quiescent current and get used in handheld, or portabke devices often (like cellphones), whereas the FPGA has a larger quiescent current and is not usually found in a battery operated device, but rather its large number of gates are used in places like cellular base-stations.

Aust> What's the difference between say the Xilinx Coolrunner CPLD

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