Does SPI from NIOS II work?

Hello to anyone!!! I've made some NIOS design with SPI and wrote small source code .... while(1) { usleep(10); alt_avalon_spi_command(SD_BASE, 0, 6, write_data, 1, read_data, flags); } ....

but when I saw SCLK on Proto2 by oscilloscope, the SCLK's pin was "0" always, SS_n was changing, MOSI was "0" and MISO was changing too (it's very strange). I checked pin assignment and there is OK.

Maybe someone knowns what kind of problem I had there?


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I seem to recall a colleague of mine mentioning something about a similar issue. I can check with him and get back to you, unless you already have a solution...


- imaslacker

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