Q, connecting multiple microblazes

hi all

i am looking for the methods to connect multiple microblazes (MB). Questions are

- Can we preset the interconnection between multiple microblazes (for example 8 MBs) ? For example of MESH interconnection below,

MB1 - MB5 | | MB2 - MB6 | | MB3 - MB7 | | MB4 - MB8

- If yes, could you inform me how i can realize it ?

- If no, are there any other ways to connect multiple MBs ? (for example, other bus organization)

- How about the Picoblazes? Can we construct the MESH connections of 8 picoblazes ? What about the bus ?

Thankyou very much for help

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Hi Hur,

You don't mention exactly what you are trying to do here. If it is a high-speed point-to-point data link between a MicroBlaze and another, I would recommend the FSL. This is a non-arbitrated link with a Fifo style, so would be a good fit for fast communication between processors. Each MicroBlaze has up to 8 FSL connection pairs.

Add FSL ports to each MicroBlaze with the parameter C_FSL_LINKS. I think your diagram shows upto 3 connections per MicroBlaze, in which case, set C_FSL_LINKS = 3.

Then add FSL busses, parameterize the FIFO depth, and then connect up your point-to-point links as needed!

Picoblaze has output and input ports. You would need to do some simple decoding of the inputs and outputs, but this is also possible. You would need to create a register or FIFO interface between the ports - Picoblaze has possibility of up-to 255 ports using binary decoding of the port address, however simpler decoding structures are also possible, for example one-hot. Hope this helps,


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