Nios II and eCos

Does anyone know if there are concrete plans for a Nios II port of eCos? There are several other OS'es ported to the Nios II already, such as uC/OS-II and ucLinux, but I've heard nothing regarding eCos other than four-year-old promises that Altera and Red Hat were working on it.

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David Brown
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Go to

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and do a search for NIOS and you'll turn up some links to ports for NIOS and people working on NIOS-II.

Also, RedHat isn't working on eCos anymore, a while back they gave up on it, but the people who were working on it formed a new company called ecoscentric, and it is still being worked on.

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Andrew Dyer

Hello Everyone, I have a port of Ecos built under Cygwin using binutils-2.13.1. I build applications that run with this build of Ecos for the PPC405 (in a VP7) using the EDK (6.2). The application compiles and runs OK. However, I am unable to debug using Insight under EDK because it generates DWARF errors when opening the executable.elf file. The problem is that the version of binutils used by 'xygwin' is 2.11.2 which is older than the binutils used to build ecos. Has anyone had a similiar problem? Several solutions I can think of are:

1) building ecos with older binutils, though this is not recommended by ecoscentric guys. 2) building the application under cygwin. I've tried this, though i get a very strange linking issue. The same linkerscript that works under EDK, generates an empty data segment under cygwin. Any suggestions? Regards, Mustafa.
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