DMA over pci

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I had posted a few weeks back about my issue

Now I have one more issue.
 I have to do a DMA burst transfer. The pci controller on board is a
powerspan2 Dual pci bridge from tundra.
I have data in my PLB master/slave module. I have to send this data to
the host computer to which the card is connected.So If I will have to
do a  DMA tranfsfer  but for DMA the bridge needs the start address and
the end address. Now according to my understanding after going though
the powerspan II manual for the DMA transfer  I have to give  a start
adress which is any location in the on-board RAM . I have to place the
data in the location and then send some configuration commands . Also
transfer can take place between powerpc and the pci .I dont want to use
powerpc or the on-board RAM . Is nt there a way where I can send data
from my module directly to the host pc RAM instaed of  sending it via
on-board RAM. I have no experience in this area and always get stuck
somewhere or the other.
I had started with device driver and also was going through the
powerspanII manual when I came across this doubt.

How exactly a DMA transfer is done from a FPGa in a fpga PCI card  to
the host pc.
I would appreciate any comments on this .

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