DMA using fpga pci card

I had posted earlier my issues with Fpga card.

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The AMIRIX fpga card uses powerspan II pci bus switch fro Tundra. The powerpc inside teh fpga has linux running..I have some data in my PLB master/slave module which has to be transferred to the host pc. So I was suggested to llok into DMA transfer part. I went through the powerspan II manual . It doesnt provide the details of data cycle for the DMA . i.e it only says to write the DMA configuration registers with the source address , destination address... and then raisethe go signal. Now my problem is that the source address needs to be the on-board RAM address. I dont want to use the onboard RAM.I dont want to use the powerpc either. I wanted to write a module in vhdl to do the confguration adn the forward the data to the bridge. I dont know whether this is possible. I

I dont have experience in this field. How can I do a transfer of data from my master/slave module to the host computer? Is there a way ? Thanks, Nitesh

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