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Hi all! I'd like to buy an FPGA prototyping board and, after some searches, I am oriented to the Digilent Digilab 2. They sell directly, but I live in Italy, and I am a little scared about customs and shipping fees.

Is there anybody out there living in Europe that has bought a board from Digilent? How much did you pay for shipping and customs charges?

Many thanks!

Sergio Tassinari

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Sergio Tassinari
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Hello Sergio,

I live in Belgium, and I recently ordered a combination of the D2E and the DIO2 board, it has arrived yesterday. Here in Belgium it was only regular taxes and administration costs of the customs that came on top of the price given by digilent. So the 210$ (order + shipping) was 196Euro, and on top of that came a

52Euro fee. (Regular taxes in Belgium are 21%, I don't know how much it is in Italy though).

Good luck.


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Yves Deweerdt

On a sunny day (Tue, 16 Sep 2003 14:57:06 +0200) it happened "Sergio Tassinari" wrote in :

The digilab was 99$, the shipping was > 20, and the custom was > 20, so that made it 147 or so Euro. Not digilentic's fault, I wrote a protest letter to the customs, they referred me to the post guys, I gave up. If you have someone who visits the states regulary perhaps ask them to bring one. The board is OK, make sure you order a EUROPEAN (240 V) adapter. JP

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Jan Panteltje

I just got the board yesterday and I am happy with it.

Shipping was $28 US to Australia as for the customs when you order mention that problem and I think they can find a solution.

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I ordered a D2E board to spain, with express shipping. It arrived just 3 or so work days later and the total cost incl shipping was $162 US. I'm very happy with this!

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