Control Panel application for Altera Cyclone II Starter Kit, help?

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I'm using Altera's "Cyclone II Starter Kit", and while the board seems to
work fine, I can't figure out one of the bundled utility programs.

I installed the Cyclone II Starter Kit CD on my Windows/XP machine. I'm able
to use Quartus II 7.1 (web) to compile and then download projects to the
board -- That works fine.

However, I cannot get the "Control Panel - Starter II Kit" application to
work. I launch it, and the application window comes up. It appears to work
fine -- I can 'open USB' connection to my board, then click on the various
tabs (sram, sdram, led, etc.) and toggle the controls. However, when I click
'set' on anything, nothing happens. I see the blue-light on my Kit board
flicker momentarily, so it's getting some kind of traffic from the PC. But
otherwise, nothing happens.

For example, I tried the 'SRAM' tab, and wrote several unique values
(0x0123, 0x4567) to the SRAM at address 0x00 and 0x01. But, when I read them
back, they always come back 0x0000. The Control Panel's built-in self-test
also fails on the sdram, sram, and flash.

What am I doing wrong? I tried toggling the RUN/PROG switch (SW12) back and
forth, then cycling power to the board. With either position, Control Panel
applet still doesn't work.

Re: Control Panel application for Altera Cyclone II Starter Kit, help?

You are of course copying the default project back to the FPGA that comes on
the CD?
DE1_USB_API.pof/sof ?
(or whatever Altera call it on their CD, I bought mine direct from TerASIC)

The control panel will 'see" the USB port, but will only "talk" to the
default project
(or something that emulates it).


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Re: Control Panel application for Altera Cyclone II Starter Kit, help?
Wow, I'm embarrassed.

You were right, I forgot the part in the manual/readme which says I need to
load the DE1_USB_API pof/sof file.  It's working now!

I bought my kit through, and it came (flash) preloaded with the
flashing-lights demo-application -- apparently not the same FPGA-bitstream
as the Control-Panel applet.

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