Desperate to find the right FPGA board

Hi guys. First post to this newsgroup, let's pop the champagne ;)

I need your advice on selecting a FPGA module for my needs.

Anyway. I need to stream data from a PC to a device, and back. Around

60-80 Mbps. I want to use Ethernet, 100 Mbps should do the job. I need a FPGA somewhere too, to format the data, handle the IO, and do some processing/FIR filtering.

For now this will have two applications : streaming many channels of high bandwidth audio (24/192), and instrumentation (DSO). More later.

I have a working prototype with the Atmark Techno Suzaku FPGA module. It handles the full 100 Mbps bandwidth (barely) but not in full duplex. However I do not want to use this module in the final design : it isn't really suited.

After experimenting with the Suzaku which has a MAC chip, and an Atmel NGW100 which has no FPGA but a decent CPU/MAC with smart DMA I have come to the following conclusions :

- I'd like to use the OpenCores MAC core to drive a PHY and DMA the data to a fast memory buffer.

- The FPGA will then forward the buffered data to the IO channels in due time

- I need a CPU, but it will not touch the data, only parse the packet headers (I use UDP which is nice for this application).

- CPU will also handle other stuff like LCD and GPIO

- Microblaze is OK

- No OS will be used

So, I'd need a FPGA module with the following :

- 100BaseT Ethernet PHY connected to FPGA

- FPGA with enough gates to instantiate OpenCores MAC core, Microblaze, some BRAM buffers, some FIR filters, etc.

- 1MB fast memory (SDRAM or SRAM) where I can put my buffers and also my executable code. More is also good !

- Should be small, and not radiate EMI like a radio station

- Max cost $200, cheaper is better obviously !

- It should work ;)

I'd like something like this :

formatting link

But noone sells it apparently and where is the docs ? I dunno. I could also use a module with a hard CPU if there is a fast access (ie. bus) from CPU to FPGA. I know the Xilinx tools, but I am not a Xilinx fanatic...

So, what is your advice ? I'd rather buy a module instead of having to build it...

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We do an Ethernet module for a Raggedstone1development board. The only problem is we are out of stock on Ethernet Phy module. We expect these back in about 4 weeks.

Raggedstone1 details here

formatting link

We also have other modules coming that will offer some high speed link capability to other boards. These will be announced as soon as we get them built and tested.

John Adair Enterpo> Hi guys.





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John Adair

Your Darnaw1 + a PHY module is in my shortlist. I sent you an email, BTW. Can you give more details about upcoming gear ? If it looks good I may decide to wait.


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Just what every company loves to hear!!

Ben Jackson AD7GD
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Ben Jackson

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