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Hi, i need to know is it possible to readback and verify the loaded configuration in the FPGA after the GSR is deasserted and the FPGA is up and running with the loaded configuration? I am suspecting that due to power requirement of my application, the FPGA loses its configuration when the current demand increases ( HDD is connected to the FPGA board, when the FPGA talks to the HDD through SATA controller, the current goes up from .8 Amp to 1.7 Amps)and the FPGA stops working in the expected manner.

Any ideas.........


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First question: whose FPGA? Not every manufacturer supports readback.

Xilinx FPGAs may be verified while operating, easiest being through the JTAG cable.

If any of the power supplies droop sufficiently to trigger the power on reset, then the device will clean out (erase its configuration memory, and re-load itself).

Such a case it pretty easy to see, by watching the power supply voltages with an oscilloscope, and also looking at the configuration interface Done, CCLK, etc.).


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What do the supply voltage do? Does they remain in spec at all times? Is there any noise on them? What about the voltages on the IO pins, do they look correct?

If you really think the fpga is getting corrupted or reset somehow, maybe you could use one pin to blink an LED or something and see if it ever acts strange.


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Jeff Cunningham

You mention that there is a problem when the current demand increases. Could it be that you don't have enough bulk capacitance to supply the instaneous current demand, thus your supplies dip.

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My guess would be low frequency noise on your core or I/O supply, which can be quite hard to see on a 'scope. Try some very large low ESR capacitors on the suspect rails to see if that improves matters. As someone else said, the easiest way to verify is using a cable and verifying the bitstream.


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Dunstan Power

Try separate power supplies for the FPGA and HDD ..?

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