BeMicro Cyclone III 64-bit drivers

I found my old BeMicro Cyclone III board laying around the other day and ha
ppen to have a use for it - if I can get it running again. I know it's an a
ncient board, but this project doesn't need much, and this old device would
be perfect.
Unfortunately, none of my current machines are capable of running the drive
rs that came with it. They are all running either Windows 10 64-bit or 64-b
it Linux. I do, however, have a Windows 7 64-bit VM I used for older tools
- including old versions of Quartus for supporting other ancient hardware.
Would anyone still happen to have a copy of this driver? The last time I sa
w a reference to it was on the old Altera forums around 2012. I hate to tos
s a functional board over something as trivial as this.
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Maur Vir
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Is that the drivers for the USB Blaster JTAG interface, or for something else?
According to:
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the last supported version of Quartus for the Cyclone III is 13.1 (the free Lite version should suffice). You can download old versions from there, which should have the driver integrated.
formatting link
has some as standlone downloads.
However, the USB Blaster interface hasn't really changed since then, so if you were to install the Windows drivers from a later version of Quartus it would probably work.
On Linux, there hasn't been a lot of changes since 13.1 - the main difference is some of the older versions looked for /dev/bus/usb whereas nowadays it's done via sysfs. What errors do you get if you try to talk to it on Linux?
There have been various different USB IDs: 09fb:6001 / 6002 / 6003: original USB Blaster (USB 1.1)
09fb:6810 (USB Blaster 2 boots up as this, before firmware is downloaded) 09fb:6010 (USB Blaster 2 when firmware has been downloaded)
and they should all be covered by the USB Blaster drivers in Quartus.
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Yes, I was referring to the USB drivers. This little board used a FTDI FT22 32D chip to create both a virtual USB blaster and a USB to serial port conv erter. A clever little design, but no one ever signed the drivers. Supposed ly, there were signed drivers created by someone at Arrow years ago, but th ey have disappeared off the face of the Earth since Intel bought Altera and absorbed the forums into their own.
Linux sees the board, and even correctly displays its ID as a Bemicro Cyclo ne III, but it doesn't know how to split the interface into an A and B port , so even the Linux version of Quartus doesn't see it as a programmer.
That said, I have since found the Sno boards, from Aloriumtech, which are a ctually a better fit. I don't really care about the embedded processor desi gn, but the board itself is tiny and has a decent Max 10M16 part on it - an d they exposed the JTAG header explicitly. This is a personal project, not a work project, hence the trying to reuse old boards and parts, but you can 't complain about a $49 board that makes it *that* easy.
If this were a work project, there are a lot of tiny little FPGA boards on the market, but they are all hundreds of dollars. Most of them are also a b it excessive for a hobby project.
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