Anyone know hwicap?


I'm just starting doing partial reconfiguration through HWICAP on xc2v4000 and confused about its coding. First things first, I must initialize the ICAP module in EDK. But after calling HwIcap_Initialize function, I did not get any feedbacks. Anything wrong with my code? OPB_HWICAP provides a 16k BRAM used as a configuration memory cache (DS280). Does anyone know how to load the partial reconfiguration bitstream produced by ISE into this BRAM? Do I need to do byte-swapping? Thank you so much for your help.

XStatus status; XHwIcap * InstancePtr;

status=XHwIcap_Initialize(InstancePtr, XPAR_OPB_HWICAP_0_DEVICE_ID, XHI_READ_DEVICEID_FROM_ICAP); switch (status) { case XST_DEVICE_IS_STARTED: xil_printf("DEVICE IS STARTED\n\n\r"); break; case XST_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND: xil_printf("DEVICE NOT FOUND\n\n\r"); break; case XST_SUCCESS: xil_printf("ICAP SUCCESS\n\n\r"); break; case XST_INVALID_PARAM: xil_printf("INVALID PARAM\n\n\r"); break; default : xil_printf("INVALID PARAM\n\n\r"); break; }

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