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Can someone tell me about the steps to partially reconfigure Vertex-II FPGA's with some simple example?

Shahzad Saleem

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I recommend Application Note 290:

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There are no really simple examples for partial reconfiguration, since it just is not that simple...

cu, Sean

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Sean Durkin

The simplest way I know to actually demonstrate partial reconfig is to hand edit a trivial design in fpga_editor, eg route vcc to an IOB, generate the NCD file, run bitgen to get a .bit file, then edit the NCD again but route that same IOB to ground, save the new NCD, re-run bitgen with the -r option, to create a partial bitstream relative to the first one.

Then, configure with the first bitstream, the IOB goes high (choose one that's connected to an LED on the board), then download the partial bitstream, the LED should turn off.

Congratulations, you have entered the race for the most complicated blinkenlight application, just like the rest of us!

So, it's partial reconfig, but entirely useless. Next, start exploring the tools to generate partial bitstreams in a modular fashion. Feel free to subscribe to the partial-reconfig mailing list, and ask questions/discuss there. It's quiet, but still interesting:

email, with *body text* "subscribe partial-reconfig" (no quotes)



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John Williams

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