Compiling Xilinx libraries for ModelSim PE 10.4 simulation out of ISE 8.2i

Simulation of your project written in ISE 8.2i, for those using old tools f or whatever reason, must first compile the necessary libraries. One may str uggle with getting simulation of their project if CORE Generator was used t o create components. Within the Xilinx directories: C:\Xilinx\vhdl\src\xilinxcorelib resides the .vhd files for core generated parts. These files need to be compiled by Mo delSim PE 10.4. Within the directory: C:\Xilinx\vhdl\src\simprims\README.tx t are directions vaguely described by the last paragraph. The ModelSim PE 10.4 has provisions a "scripted" command that does the comp iling of the necessary files. Running the simulation from ISE 8.2i ModelSim fails to find the xilinxCorelib and halts the simulation. The command comp xlib -s mti_pe -arch spartan3e was typed into the command line entry of Mod elSim to find the directory, compiled for use. The command compxlib is inhe rent in Modelsim and further details of it can be found by typing compxlib

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Cy Drollinger

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