Announcement Free Symposium on the Future of Configurable Hardware

The International Symposium on the Future of Configurable Hardware

Organised by: The ACES research network and the Gent University Date: Tuesday, 6th of December 2005 Location: Het Pand, Onderbergen 1, 9000 Gent, Belgium Website:

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Every year we organize a free symposium on some hot topic in computer science. Previous editions explored such subjects as modern processor architectures, new trends in compiler technology, Java and embedded systems ... The goal of the symposia is to reach a broad audience while still providing sufficient technical depth to satisfy everyone. The next edition of our symposium focuses on the future of configurable hardware. This one-day symposium is free and open to all.


o André DeHon, California Institute of Technology: 'Compute Models, System Architectures, and Design Patterns for Reconfigurable Computing' o Bingfeng Mei, IMEC: 'ADRES Reconfigurable Architecture and Its Compilation Techniques' o Mike Hutton, Altera: 'The Design of Modern FPGA Architectures' o Steve Wilton, University of British Columbia: 'Power-Aware Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Techniques for FPGAs' o Jos Huisken, Silicon Hive (Philips Research): 'Design Methodology for ANSI-C Programmable Co-Processors' o Adam Donlin, Xilinx: 'New Tools for FPGA Dynamic Reconfiguration' o Johan Van Praet, Target Compiler Technologies: 'Design of Application-Specific Instruction-Set Processors using a Retargetable Compilation Flow'

For biographies of the speakers and a detailed program as well as registration for the free symposium and the free sandwich lunch, please visit our website:

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Alternatively, you may register or through snail mail:

Future of Configurable Hardware UGent/ELIS, Mark Christiaens St.-Pietersnieuwstraat 41 B-9000 Gent, Belgium Fax: +32 (0) 9 264 35 94 email:


o The ACES research network:

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o The IWT RESUME project:

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o Gent University through the BOF GOA program for `Embedded Systems for Multimedia Applications Toward an Efficient Design Methodology':

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