Floating point in Nios SDK

Hello... Can anybody tell me that why Nios SDK cant display floating point datatype if I include excalibur.h as the header file? The C code that process simple floating point works correctly only if I exclude the excalibur.h file. The problem occur when I need the software subroutine for the standand peripherals but I cant display the processing time if the calculation formula involved floating point.

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Hi Maxlim,

The reason for this is the printf() routine compiled into your library, defined when you include 'excalibur.h' in your C code is a 'small' printf() that does not support floating point numbers to save on space (useful for systems running out of on-chip memory). This is an SDK option that can be switched for printf() that supports floating point.

You can disable this small printf routine and use the full-sized one (and still use excalibur.h in your source code) by opening SOPC Builder, editing the Nios CPU settings for your processor, and under "Software" tab, un-checking the "Use small printf" checkbox. After this, re-generate the SDK and re-compile your code; you should now be able to print floating point numbers correctly while including excalibur.h. I just tried a simple test to verify this, so if you have any questions please email me and I'll send you the example.


Jesse Kempa Altera Corp. jkempa at altera dot com

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Jesse Kempa

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