A teaching that's worth hearing

This is Pastor Mac, a guest pastor at a church in Hawaii I listen to
each week. He's appeared on the channel as a guest pastor a handful
of times that I've seen, but his sermons are always so powerful.
I urge you all to listen to this. He talks about the blood, and how
our lives are so dependent upon it here in this world, but also upon
the blood of Christ in eternity:
Sacrifice, Sanctity, Life to God
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Life is in the blood. You can live without an arm, or a leg, or so
many other parts. But if you lose the blood it's over.
This relationship between the blood of man, and the blood of Christ,
is by design. Even a woman's monthly cycle is a reminder of man's
original sin in the Garden of Eden, a permanent, personal reminder
of our accountability unto God world-wide.
Thank you,
Rick C. Hodgin
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Rick C. Hodgin
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